Kitchen Tips:

When it comes to kitchen equipment you really only need a few items to be able to make great meals.

Image by Jonathan Borba
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December 2017:

When it comes to kitchen equipment you really only need a few items to be able to make great meals.

1.      A 10-12 inch good quality chef’s knife. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars and a Japanese Shun knife or thousands of dollars on a Damascus steel knife. Global makes a great set of high strength steal chefs knifes at a great price. Check out amazon for good deals and starter packs for knifes.

2.      A good quality paring knife.  This knife should feel good in your hand and fit it properly. Try some out in your hand and see if you like how it cuts and feels when you’re cutting.

3.      A good quality serrated knife. This knife comes in handy for many kitchen jobs. From slicing fruit to bread and also cutting delicate pastries.

4.      Cutting board. A good quality wood cutting board and a good quality plastic cutting board is very helpful in prepping large amounts of food and help you perfect your technique.

5.      A good kitchen mixer. Whether this is a handheld mixer, Kitchen-aid, or an industrial sized Hobart mixer, these machines are indispensable to quality food production.

6.      Mixing bowls.  Bowls ranging in size from small to large made of metal are great to have in the kitchen for mixing. You can find all sorts of sizes at your local Cash and Carry.

7.      Pan Liners.  These will save you many headaches and are easy to find. These range from parchment paper which you can find in most grocery stores, to the more professional Silpat liners which are made of silicon and can be reused for many more bakes.

8.      Heavy bottomed pans. Good quality pans are worth their weight in gold. Pans made of cast iron; stainless steel and copper make cooking a joy rather than a nightmare. The plastic coated “non-stick” pans you find in most stores are nice to have but can leach out chemicals when heated too high or scrubbed with rough scrubbers. A good quality aluminum-clad pan can be season just like a cast iron pan and can become as non-stick as one of those cheap plastic non-stick pans. Pans to have to get most kitchen jobs completed are

·       10-inch cast iron skillet

·       3-4 gallon stock pot

·       1 quart sauce pan

·       3 quart shallow sauce pan

·       3-4 quart stainless steel lined saucepans with lids

·       12 inch stainless steel lined sauté pan

·       6 quart oven proof pot with lid such as a enameled cast iron Dutch oven