Cooking classes:

“As I’ve always said, cooking is a Philosophy, it’s not a recipe-unless it’s pastry and then it’s chemistry- so therefore its not just teaching them how to cook, its sharing your philosophy and your vision with them. It’s as simple as that. A good chef is a pied piper, they follow him.” Chef Marco Pierre White

Hands on 

Cooking Class

There are two styles of cooking classes to suit people who want to learn to be better cooks. Our large class (20-30 people) is sat out in the dinning room where Chef Alex demonstrates a three-course menu while serving a select wine. A menu with recipes is provided and each course is served as well.

Our other style of class is a small 10-person class where students are allowed into the kitchen to work hands on with the menu and really get to cook first hand. After the dinner has been cooked, the student’s head out to the dinning room to share the meal they helped prepare and drink a wine pared with the menu.

Make sure to sign up fast as space is limited and spots fill up months in advance. The large cooking class is $85.00 and the small cooking class is $90.00

If you would like to have a private cooking class at the restaurant, call Chef Alex to set up a Monday night that works and to set up a menu. You must have at least 15 people. Chef Alex will also do cooking classes in your house for smaller parties. The price is $100.00 per person plus the cost of food and wine. Chef Alex needs at least 3 weeks in advance to plan a private class and weekends are limited as he is still a chef for Il Lucano Ristorante.

Cooking Classes Start at 6:00pm and are held at Il Lucano Ristorante 

3119 Judson St. #B

Gig Harbor, WA 98335